Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald Certificates at GLA in Vienna

At the Gemmological Laboratory Austria we issue exact reports for sapphires, rubies and emerald with or without monetary valuation according to the customer’s specification.

Ruby and Sapphire Certificates

When testing rubies and sapphires, we pay particular attention to recognising possible treatments of the gems such as:

  • colour enhancements using heat
  • fracture fillings with foreign materials
  • other forms of treatment

Our experts at GLA are happy to provide information regarding such treatments and their effect on the value of rubies and sapphires.

Emerald Certificates

Fractures in emeralds are often treated with oil or resin which have an important effect on market value appraisal. That is why we include the information in the appraisal. It is essential to recognise these fillings and quantify them in order to issue a valid certificate. This specialist work is a cost factor which is why we issue ruby, sapphire and emerald certificates from 96 EUR (incl. VAT)

Certificates with country-of-origin information start at 140 EUR (incl. VAT)