Gemstone REPORTS at GLA

When assessing the value of gemstones, the main thing is to find artificial enhancements that have a significant impact on the value of the stones.

Artificial Treatment of Gemstones

The advance in technology in the past years and decades has been enormous. Today gems can be treated with a series of synthetic enhancements that influence their market value. To establish their value we need to analyse whether they have been enhanced and which treatments they have been subject to.

Possible enhancements by:

  • irradiation

  • surface coating

  • bleaching

  • fracture filling

  • impregnation

  • and many more

Exact Jewel Certification

These treatments and the synthetic (artificial) production of gems can nowadays only be detected with the help of a scientific laboratory. Your Vienna gemmologist make use of state-of-the-art gemmological equipment and in-depth specialist knowledge.
We provide gemstone reports from 110 EUR (incl. VAT).

Call us or bring us precious stones of all kinds for appraisal. We are not involved in buying or selling jewels, so there is no conflict of interest. A report issued by the GLA in Vienna is fully independent.