Jewellery REPORTS at GLA

Since its foundation certification and appraisal of jewellery and with and without gems and diamonds have been a speciality of Gemmological Laboratory Austria. As required, we issue a certificate with or without monetary valuation.

Appraising jewellery with set gems or no gems

Precious stones that are set in the jewellery can be tested in their settings. We analyse the gems directly in the jewellery. It is not necessary to remove them from their settings.

Appraising large and valuable diamonds

We do recommend taking large, valuable diamonds out of their settings prior to certification. This makes a very exact determination of colour and clarity possible. It is also possible to establish precisely to what extent enhancing treatments might have been applied.

The experts at GLA Vienna are happy to advise you on your questions regarding gemstone, diamond and jewellery certification in advance and free of charge. Call us at   +43 1 5339099