Gemmological Laboratory Austria (GLA)

At the Gemmological Laboratory Austria in Wien we value your assets! The GLA has been an independent partner for diamond, gemstone and jewellery grading since 1979. If so wished for by our clients, we also provide a monetary appraisal.

GLA for independent jewellery certification

At GLA we do not buy or retail gems, diamonds or jewellery. At the Gemmological Laboratory Austria you will find experts whose only agenda is to certify stones. There are no conflicts of interest. You can be sure you are getting an objective and absolutely independent reports.

A sophisticated and modern lab

  • Modern equipment at the gemmological laboratory ensures the very high quality of our reports

  • Our team of court-certified experts never stop enlarging their professional know-how.

  • We see taking part in trade conferences in Austria and abroad as an obligation which fosters a constant exchange of specialized knowledge at an international level with labs, retailers and research institutes.

  • On a scientific level, GLA collaborates with the State Gem Institute of the Natural History Museum Vienna and the Department of Mineralogy and Crystallography of the University of Vienna.

  • We constantly observe the market

Our Experts

Adeline Lageder - Gemmologisches Labor Austria Adeline Lageder

Sworn and certified court expert for precious metals, jewels and jewellery, Adeline Lageder is master goldsmith and FEEG-certified gemmologist.