Gemmological Laboratory Austria in Vienna

Welcome to the Gemmological Laboratory Austria (GLA)! We certify diamonds, gems and jewellery with or without value appraisal as required by our customers. Certification takes place in our laboratory using state of the art modern equipment. Our highly skilled experts stay abreast of industry standards and maintain an extensive and valuable international network.


Diamond reports

We grade diamonds in lab conditions according to the internationally recognised 4C method.

Blauer Saphir

Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald

Our expert grading establishes whether any form of treatment has been used on the gems.


Gemstone reports

Using modern equipment, we can grade gemstones with high-precision according to international standards.


Jewellery reports

It is not always necessary to remove stones from their mountings. We are happy to provide more information.

Top experts and the best equipment at GLA

You will find experts at work at the Gemmological Laboratory Austria. Our Sworn and Certified Court Experts for Jewels are highly qualified and always abreast of the latest developments in their field. Our laboratory has the most modern and exact devices to provide the environment that makes all the difference to grading precious stones. Our expert team maintains an international network of established institutes and experts giving them rapid access to relevant and necessary information.

What we offer at GLA, Vienna

We certify gems, diamonds and jewellery for you. Our clientele includes not only private individuals and traders but also administrative authorities, courts and notaries. In addition to grading the stones by weight, colour, clarity and cut, we also test gems and diamonds to establish if they have been treated and whether they are of natural or synthetic (artificial) origin.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Diamond grading and appraisal

  • Gemstone appraisals

  • Ruby, sapphire and emerald reports

  • Jewellery reports

At GLA we guarantee you the fastest possible processing times. We are usually able to present the results of our analysis within very few working days.

Any questions?

We are happy to answer your questions. Call us or contact us via email.