REPORTS for Courts and Public Authorities by GLA in Vienna

We are happy to provide diamond, gemstone and jewellery reports for notaries and public authorities for matters of inheritance or guardianship. For certificates of this kind we provide especially short processing times.

Express certification in Austria

The Gemmological Laboratory Austria processes certificates for notaries and public authorities very fast. We offer very short delays so that delivery of a written certificate can usually be guaranteed within 2 working days.

Our modern lab equipment, up-to-date trade knowledge and valuable international contacts guarantee the high quality, specialist validity of our reports.

Certificates for diamonds, gems and jewellery

We certify the size, clarity, colour and possibly the cut of precious stones. We establish whether the stone is natural or whether it was manufactured synthetically. According to wishes of our customers we inclues a monetary valuation in the report. GLA works independently with no conflicts of interest. We do not purchase or retail gems, diamonds or jewellery.