Gem Certificates

We differentiate between ruby, sapphire and emerald certificates and certificates for other gems.

Ruby and Sapphire Certificates

When testing rubies and sapphires and determining their quality and value, we place particular emphasis on recognising possible colour enhancements using heat, fracture fillings and other forms of treatment.

Emerald Certificates

Fractures in emeralds are often treated with oil or resin which have an important effect on market value appraisal. It is essential to recognise these fillings and quantify them when issuing a certificate.
Due to this specialist work: ruby, sapphire and emerald certificates are available from 123 EUR (incl. 20% VAT).

Gemstone Certificates

Due to technological advances in the past years gems can be treated with a series of synthetic enhancements. These include for example irradiation, coating, fillings, bleaching, diffusion and many more. These treatments and synthetic gems can no longer be recognized without the help of professional gemmological training and equipment.
We provide gemstone certificates from 93 EUR (incl. 20% VAT)