Diamond Certificates

We grade diamonds in lab conditions according to the internationally recognised 4C method:

Carat – weight in carats (ct.) 1 ct. = 0.2 grams

Clarity – internal and external characteristics

Colour – colourless grades from D to Z, colour grades from light to fancy deep

Cut – cutting style and quality

Our diamond grading lab works according to the International Rules for Grading Polished Diamonds proposed by the IDC (International Diamond Council) and our certificates are known to be very reliable.

You can choose from two types of certificate:

  • Grading (without value appraisal)
  • Grading with appraisal according to specific trade categories

Diamond Certificate Prices

Example of certificate price:

Weight: 1.04 ct

Colour: exceptional white (E)

Clarity: vs 2 (very small inclusions)


Grading with appraisal: 191 EUR incl. 20% VAT