The Gemmological Laboratory Austria (GLA) was established in the early eighties and since 2006 has been run by the Sworn and Certified Court Experts for Jewels, Precious Metals and Gemstones Adeline Lageder and Erwin Rinnhofer.

Our laboratory has issued more than 42,500 certificates and appraisals covering a total estimated value of 225 million euros. Our appraisals and certificates for diamonds, gemstones, jewellery and jewels are recognised internationally. We test according to currently valid standards (e.g. LMHC, CIBJO).

Our laboratory is equipped with up-to-date gemmological instruments:

  • standard gemmological instruments (e.g. refractometer, polariscope, different kinds of color filters, dark chamber with UV-lightning etc.)
  • UV-Vis-Spectrometer
  • high-definition precise Leica microscope with camera extension
  • FTIR-Spectrometer
  • Raman- and Photoluminescence-Spectrometer
  • Liquid Nitrogen extension tool for the examination of diamonds at 77 Kelvin (-196° Celsius)
  • Advanced Spectrometry for detecting natural diamonds (mounted and unmounted) starting from less than 0.005 ct

We recommend getting a certificate in the following cases:

  • To establish the authenticity of diamonds, gemstones, culture pearls, corals etc.
  • Before purchasing or selling diamonds, gemstones and jewellery.
  • To appraise the value for insurance purposes.
  • When diamonds, gemstones and jewels are to be taken as security for loans.
  • To protect dealers and consumers from possibly bad buys.
  • To check goods as an objective third party.
  • When diamonds, gemstones or jewellery are to be bequeathed, inherited or given.

We offer a range of additional professional services:

  • Certificates for guardianships and inheritances
  • Certificates for courts, public authorities and notaries
  • Certificates for insurances

Our national and international clients include:

  • Antique dealers
  • Banks
  • Gemstone dealers
  • Courts and notaries
  • Goldsmiths and jewellers
  • Museums
  • Private individuals
  • Collectors and investors
  • Insurances
  • Customs offices

Over time GLA has focussed completely on issuing certificates so you can be certain to receive an absolutely independent and objective certificate. As we do not buy or sell diamonds, gemstones or jewellery, our experts are never biased by a conflict of interests when issuing a certificate. To further ensure the quality of our certificates, our laboratory seeks scientific advice from the Museum of Natural History (State Gem Institute) and the University of Vienna (Institute of Mineralogy and Cristallography). Constant contact with many national and international laboratories, institutes, dealers and mine owners and a permanent international observation of the markets (e.g. specialist fairs) allow us to stay abreast of the industry standards.